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Lament – UK or US?

One of my favourite books of 2009 was Lament by the wonderful Maggie Stiefvater, closely followed by the sequel, Ballad. Of course, being here in the somewhat backward (sometimes) UK I had to order both books with the American covers because neither book has yet been published here.

This is the fabulous US cover for Lament –

I actually love this cover, you’ll probably soon discover my secret (or not so secret) addiction to gorgeous book covers but a couple of days ago Ms. Stiefvater showed off the new cover for the UK edition that is finally being released so more people can read this great book.

Isn’t this just stunning?

I absolutely adore this cover, maybe because I have a “thing” about birdcages, but I think this will be hugely popular. The only gripe I have? I still don’t get this fascination with hundreds of YA Paranormal/Fantasy books having red/black/white covers. Is it because people are pushing the whole “Twilight has those colours on its covers therefore every YA Paranormal/Fantasy book published for the next century must have these colours too” syndrome? I just wish I knew… Anyway, I shall be buying another copy of Lament, just for that cover 🙂


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